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Hello Story Mongers!

Allow me to introduce myself as

The B.A.D. Man of Business Stories​

It sounds so rash; but let me assure you, BAD is the new Good. Provided you interpret BAD the best way possible, you are game for a tantalising story that sticks. No denying the fact that storytelling is a continuous process and time is the only legit parameter of defining its efficacy. But there must be a beginning.

Isn’t that fascinating that all of us are trying to find the perfect recipe of a good story? A perfect story that suits the character of our brands, personal or business, product or a service, alike. A narrative, precisely, to define who we are, what we desire and how we envisage it. It has to be just good! Oh! That’s so utopian!

When 60 seconds is just enough to bombard our media radar with unthinkable quantum of content, does it not trigger a nightmare? Does it not pose a challenge to our quest for that near perfect, good story? That’s too much of goodness. That’s too much of idealism. That’s a tad too much of overwhelming expectations.

Eventually, what defines a good story? Think. Is it the spices or that fancy dressing that makes it tasty and shareable? What it takes to make your business story remembered? In this tangle, who smirks is your prospect. He who holds the key to your success. Not you alone, let me assure you that.

So then friends, what is good for your story? A good beginning and a good ending? Well, that’s what the world is competing for! Why not do something different? Yet, I promise, you will find it intriguing to partake!

Yes, you got me right! We are not in the game of good! On the contrary, we will embark upon a journey ridiculously BAD!

We remember stories

After compiling bags full of brand stories, live event concepts and designs, brand promotions and a whole gamut of experiences interacting with dynamic people across continents, for nearly two decades, here is my uncommon recipe, commonly referred to as Storytelling. Not quite. I prefer branding it as Business Storytelling.

Does that sound overwhelming? Is it very tactical? Or is it, intriguing?

Hold on. Let me explain key facts before we get judgemental (save your wink).
I have always believed and advised that your client or customer never buys your product or services. Never, ever. Sales theory would say it is you (the salesman) whom your clients buy in. Agreed. But what do they buy in you? Think. They buy your story first. Because, as human beings, we remember stories above data, we remember analogies more rather than analysis.

Attitude, IQ, stylization, personality, eloquence, etc. and the list is exhaustive. But nothing scores if your story is weak.

What’s in a business story?

Business is a unique kaleidoscope of key attributes of your buyer, not your solution. And Business Storytelling is the art of weaving a fascinating love story around your buyer and your solution, every time. It is more frequently than you visit your favourite restaurant. More regularly than you fill up your fuel tank. More eloquently than you consume your daily news. More diligently than you brush your teeth. Practically, as frequently as your blink, and as silently as you breathe!

Is it a rocket science?

Yes, it is if you fascinate it to be a megamind!

No, it is not if you know the tricks of harnessing your mind and mapping your audience’s mind, at the same time.

All it needs is a structure and few principles.

No. Business Storytelling has no rules, but it is built on principles. Because rules bind and restrict our thinking. And then, thinking out of the box becomes an oxymoron. Principles empower us to build on robust foundations and think beyond. Principles grant us the freedom to experiment. Trust me, experimentation is the only catalyst to change.

Who all should learn it?

Business Storytelling is the most powerful tool of expression for a whole universe of application platforms, right from your internal presentation to an elevator pitch, from corporate communication to brand building, and from your blogs to training modules. Your team members, colleagues, client, stakeholders, customers, audience and subscribers will remember your stories, not your data.

Business stories are not restricted to business owners or brand custodians exclusively. There’s a bit of story for everyone, including:

  • Corporate Leadership Team
  • Sales & Marketing Teams
  • HR team
  • Corporate Communication
  • Technical & Finance Team
  • Trainers & Coaches
  • MSME
  • Start-ups & Entrepreneurs
  • Social Change Agents
  • Teachers
  • Students
  • Freelancers
  • Bloggers, and
  • Content Developers

Storytelling Workshops

Here is your invitation to explore and experiment with principles and fundamentals of Business Storytelling in my workshops.

Weekend Workshop

Business Storytelling

In this weekend workshop, you will learn how to:
  • Hack your own mind to develop the Split Personality Technique and strike a balance between logical and creative mindset.
  • Be a Story-hunter in everything that is happening around you, anywhere, anytime.
  • Plot Human Connect Coordinates to create your characters and storyline.
  • Infuse Fusion of Senses that controls your storyline.
  • Practice 6 Pitstops of Storytelling that will guide you to a perfect finish with your message, every time.


Learn the visual storytelling fundamentals utilizing various platforms like, Power Point, Prezi and Keynote.


Business Storytelling Masterclass

A deep dive into the threads of constructing Business Stories, where we will discuss:

  • The Survival Theory
  • Components of Stories
  • Hero’s Journey
  • Emotional Resonance
  • Narrative Style
  • Practical sessions

Power Point Design Masterclass

In this masterclass, you will discover the power of Power Point with detailed understanding of designing and amazing animations. It includes practical guidance in:
  • Template Designing
  • Creating Shapes & Structures
  • Core of Animation Techniques
  • Science and art of Typography
  • Logo Designing Techniques

Video Blog Design Masterclass

Digital and Social media have opened the floodgates of expressions. Everyone who has a story does not hesitate to bring it live and share with the world. But not every story makes its mark. Learn all you wanted to know to start and build your own repertoire of stories and master the art of visual storytelling through Video Blogging.
In these workshops, I will guide you through:

  • How to identify content concepts
  • Creating your Narrative Style
  • Choice of Locations
  • Shoot Angles
  • Video Editing in Premier Pro

About the trainer

Amit Roy
I have been on an errand to watch, observe and narrate fascinating interpretations of characters through stories over two decades. The medium is a simple extension of dialogue through Branded Promo Content, Films, Audio-Visuals, Animations and Dynamic Presentations.

I have been leading creative and content strategy teams across renowned Advertising, Brand Promotion and Event Management Agencies in the country, working along with multi-national and national brands across the industry spectrum. Being a professional copywriter, lyricist, brand strategist, event planner, photographer, film maker and an animator, my canvas has seen unique extensions of narrations and colours.

Now I have embarked upon a journey to create tribes of storytellers who can fascinate the world with narratives that matter. And to learn the tricks and matrix, there is hardly any scarcity of subjects, neither any age to learn them. I have meticulously designed presentation workshops, presentation design courses and effective communication skills programs for you to choose from.

Welcome to the Tribe!


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