Thank you for registering for “Business Storytelling Weekend Workshop

26th December, 08:00 P.M.

Objective:   To explore and experiment with the B.A.D. Principles and Fundamentals of Business Storytelling in my workshops.  

In this weekend workshop, you will learn how to :

  • Hack your own mind to develop the Split Personality Technique and strike a balance between logical and creative mindset.
  • Be a Story-hunter in everything that is happening around you, anywhere, anytime.
  • Plot Human Connect Coordinates to create your characters and storyline.
  • Infuse Fusion of Senses that controls your storyline.
  • Practice 6 Pit Stops of Storytelling that will guide you to a perfect finish with your message, every time.

Priceless Bonus with this webinar!

  • The Story-Telling Workbook (a master handbook for every story you craft)
  • Visual Storytelling fundamentals utilizing PowerPoint (the champion designing tool)
  • Video Blog Design essentials (tell your stories that sell)

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